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EKONOMIK series products

Ekonomik Drozdze.png
Content: 300g

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Brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast strengthens influence and stimulate appetite. Increase fitness and exercise capacity, they are beneficial for digestion disorders. There are a natural source of vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin H and trace elements copper, iron, zinc, iodine and selenium.

Ekonomik Ekogrit z anyżem.png
Content: 2kg

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EKO-GRIT with anise

Calcium is the main building block of bone. The skeleton of a pigeon is about 60% calcium. Hence, an important element is that during the growth of the young do not run in the loft carrier of calcium. Also supplies the body pigeons in macro mineral calcium and magnesium throughout the season. It has a pleasant natural scent of anise.

Ekonomik Herbata z kory wierzby.png
Content: 300g

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Willow bark tea

The infusion of willow bark protects pigeons against gastrointestinal parasites (worms, coccidia, bacteria - coli and salmonella). With regular use of tea evaluation laboratory stool is almost always negative.

Ekonomik Witaminy w płynie.png
Content: 100ml

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Vitamin liquid

The perfect combination of the most important for the body pigeon vitamins and amino acids. Prevents the consequences of deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients in periods of increased demand, during reproduction, moulting and flights during the vaccination period of intensive development of young and after having served.