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Strengthening and regeneration

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Content: 500 ml

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OviTalina FORTE

A perfectly composed blend of 16 herbs, vegetables and fruits extracts, the active substances of which improve the overall condition and resistance of pigeons. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are selected for their proper influence on the respiratory tract, digestive, muscular and vascular systems. When administered regularly, pigeons have pink muscles and skin on their breasts (visible veins of blood) - a sign of a cleansed organism. The plumage becomes shiny, soft and velvety. During the flight season. OviTalina FORTE allows to gain more energy and increase flight endurance. Quickly regenerates after a flight. OviTalina FORTE has been specially developed to increase the performance of pigeons during the flight season. The aromatic smell of the extracts makes the pigeons eager to drink it.

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Content: 1000 ml

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The OviAmin FORTE is a liquid dietary supplement for pigeons. It contains a large dose of amino acids, electrolytes and vitamin B in optimal proportions. Indispensable during flights (after a competition flight - carbohydrates affect muscle recovery. Amino acids contained in the supplement cause slower muscle fatigue - muscular tissue remains more efficient and intact). Also indispensable during moulting, during drug treatment and in breeding. Due to the composition, the OviAmin FORTE can be administered throughout the year.


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Magnesium is an indispensable nutrient. It supports neuromuscular conduction and optimises neuromuscular interaction. Magnesium deficiency in pigeons leads to muscle cramps related to flight difficulty. It reduces the risk of sore muscles during initial training after the winter and during flights. Magnesium is also responsible for the proper calcium absorption in bones and improves the bone density


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Balances the microflora of the digestive tract.
OviBiotyk is administered to restore and balance the intestinal flora, populate the
bacterial flora in the digestive tract, and in case of diarrhea of various origins, also those
resulting from nutrition mistakes (e.g. change of pigeons feed). It protects the digestive
tract from the development of such bacteria as E Coli (“disease of young pigeons”) or
Salmonella. It strengthens the immune system. The composition and concentration of
chlorine, sodium and potassium play an important role as components that effectively
support treatment of diseases and food poisoning, reducing the period of
administration of antibiotics and the recovery period. They protect the body from
excessive loss of water and electrolytes.
Enterococcus faecium enable to quickly restore the proper functioning of the intestinal

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Content: 100ml

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VitaMixor B

B complex vitamins to feed the pigeons in situations deficiency of B vitamins, particularly in stressful situations (flights, exhibitions) during the vaccination period, in the course of infectious diseases and after antibiotic therapy.

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Content: 100ml / 500ml

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VitaMixor Multi

The perfect combination of the most important for the body Gołebia vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Prevents the consequences of deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients in periods of increased demand during the vaccination period of intensive development of young and after weaning. For use throughout the year.

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Content: 100ml

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VitaMixor E + Se

Vitamin E is necessary to maintain the physiological efficiency of the muscle, blood vessels, to maintain a high fertility. Selenium prevented in combination with vitamin E muscular dystrophy. VitaMixor E + Se should be administered prior to mating.

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Content: 100ml

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VitaMixor AD3EVIT

Helps prevent moulting and deficiency of vitamins A, D and E, which throughout the year provides a protective barrier of the skin and the epidermis (A), the skeletal development of young birds (D3) and physiological efficiency of muscles, protect the liver and heart (E). It should be given a supportive and preventive moulting, during the winter months and in the states of deficiency of vitamins A, D and E.

Content: 100ml

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Strength for races. The preparation is essential in breeding in case of electrolyte deficit, particularly during the periods of increased effort, especially in the racing season. Its composition contains glycine that plays an important role in detoxification; it binds toxins and then is excreted in the urine. The appropriate use of the preparation reduces damage caused by stress (transport, temperature, etc.); helps maintain body's electrolyte balance; prevents dehydration; and effectively restores vitality after effort.

Content: 100ml

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The preparation contains in its composition the necessary micro and macro whose deficiency is a common cause inhibition or abnormal growth of young pigeons. It is recommended to use them in case of problems with odchowaniem young, poor use feed or as food supplement in the micro and macro.

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Content: 250ml

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Yeast in Liquid

The preparation ensures the maximum convalescence of pigeons, supports aerobic metabolism, strengthens the immunity, improves fitness during flights, helps with exhaustion and fatigue (breeding, racing, moulting).

Content: 100ml

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Dietary nutritional supplement for pigeons for sustainable fitness, containing electrolytes and caffeine. It is a product of a vegetable origin, stimulating pigeon's immune system. It is used in antibiotic therapy when the body is weaken (moulting) and in case of stress (flights, exhibitions, vaccinations).

Content: 500ml

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Carnitine function is the transport of free fatty acids into cells where they can (acids) have been burnt to obtain energy. Selenium increases immunity, affects the proper functioning of the liver and muscle work. Vitamin B12 supports the formation of hemoglobin, so that the body absorbs more oxygen, which increases endurance. It speeds up the metabolism which increases fitness, prevents acidification of the muscles and protects against fatigue. The maximum energy, endurance and stamina !!!

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Components of the preparation influence the greater efficiency of birds in flight and faster recuperation after arrival. Carnitine promotes fat metabolism, limiting the production of unfavorable products that weaken the muscle. It eliminates the effects of fatigue and mobilized an additional source of energy. Vitamin E is responsible for the proper functioning of the circulatory system, nervous system, affects the efficiency of muscles, acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin C increases resistance, anti-stress work.

Content: 600g

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Powder stamina for racing pigeons with probiotics, electrolytes, amino acids, energy sources, minerals, trace elements and vitamins to be administered by karma. Condition during flights! The formulation contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and other valuable perfectly tailored compounds. The use of PowerMix leads to high efficiency flights (form) pigeons and activates metabolism in them-an excellent means of strengthening the system imunologiczny. It contributes to the exhaustion and fatigue (breeding, flights, moult).

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Content: 400g

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Glucose C

Glucose with vitamin C. The water-soluble glucose preparation is a source of easily assimilable monosaccharides used for restoring energy reserves. It also prevents dehydration and accelerates restoration of fitness and health. Thanks to glucose and vitamin C, pigeons regenerate their strength easily and quickly, and achieve better racing results.

Content: 100ml

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Top form!
The preparation improves results of racing pigeons. This product contributes to very good results (top form) because it improves blood flow and oxygen delivery to cells thanks to iron contained in the preparation, which is essential for the production of red blood cells. Iron increases the speed of pigeons returning from a flight. Iodine acts directly on the thyroid gland, increasing endurance and stimulating metabolism. The product guarantees vitality and immunity, snow-white cere, clean throat, brilliant plumage and pink chest muscles. Bioavailable iron and iodine significantly improve the health of racing pigeons.
Use of ceramic or glass drinking bowls recommended. Do not use copper or galvanised bowls! 

Content: 2kg / 10kg / 20kg

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Mixture containing vitamins, amino acids, trace and mineral elements.
Continuous access to the mixture ensures perfect health, as well as racing and breeding form.
It strengthens the immune system and supports moulting.

Content: 250g

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Faster recovery! More power! Faster growth! Strong feathers!
Supplementary mixed feed for pigeons.
PROTEIN is easy to digest protein concentrate - 66%.
PROTEIN - contain animal proteins and plant proteins (multiproteins). It is a natural
concentrate that restores and regenerates muscle tissue.
Muscles need protein for their quick recovery. The concentrate enables rapid back of
pigeons to form after a long flight and prepares pigeons for the next flight.
Supports digestion, immune system, promotes moulting. Improves feeding efficiency of
nursing parents (faster and healthier growth of young pigeons).